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The fishing has been great the last 12 years here around the Ocean Isle Beach, NC area. Come enjoy a peaceful day on the water where catching fish is only part of the experience. My name is Capt. Jacob Frick, and I am dedicated to sharing a great fishing experience with you. Many folks enjoy catching fish, but often we enjoy the surrounding nature as well, observing dolphins, sea turtles, deer, and bald ealges. I look forward to every trip, meeting new and old friends, being on the water writing new memories each day. Everyday is a mystery out here, never knowing what all you might see or encounter, thats what makes this job great! Come join me for an exciting day on the water and be part of the J&J Inshore family. See ya on the water!

Check out the two new videos of the bull redfish action this past year! September thru November 1st...

New Video! 2013 40 inch bull reds

New Video! 2013 40 inch bull reds


June 2014

The cold winter still has us a few weeks behind, but some fish are starting to filter their way in from the ocean. Live menhaden and blue crabs are the main food source available for our targeted species right now. Spanish mackerel have been thick along the beach front chasing glass minnows. Clark spoons are fooling several of these tasty mackerel to bite on calm days. Dropping a Spanish mackerel fillet on the bottom is a sure way to find a shark! Redfish remain the number one target in the backwater. Flounder are making a good showing on occasion. Speckled trout are doing their usual hit or miss thing for this time of year. Below are a few highlights from this months action. Don't forget to find us on www.facebook.com and like our page for additional reports and photos. See ya on the water!


May 2014

What an exciting time of year to be on the water? Typically, May is the start to a good bite, but our colder than normal winter has things crawling along on a much slower pace. Plenty of short flounder have started to show up. With the flounder still mostly on the short side we have continued to target redfish. Spanish mackerel also start to make a good showing this month. As this month came to a close the flounder bite came on strong. We competed in a tournament and found some nice flounder earning us a paycheck. The fishing turned on and it was great to spend some time on the water with my oldest son Jake. Jake caught some really nice fish including sheepshead, red drum, and flounder. Live menhaden have shown up in good numbers in several places along the waterway. Getting a net full of these baits is a sure way to get in to some action. Pictured below are some highlights from this month. See ya on the water!

April 2014

Weather continues to be back and fourth from winter to spring like conditions. Wind and rain showers continue to impede that spring time pattern we are all looking forward too. Dodging rain showers and dealing with the wind, spring breakers were rewarded with a great bite from the redfish. Speckled trout and even a few flounder joined the action on warmer days. Live baits like mud minnows and fresh chunks of blue crab have been the best way to get the redfish fired up. Speckled trout have been fun to catch on white colored soft plastics. See ya on the water!

March 2014

The weather has been hit or miss as winter just doesn't want to let go. Water temperatures reached near 60 degrees for a short time bringing the small speckled trout alive. Strong cold fronts pushed through our area bringing water temperatures back down into the low 50's. Redfish have stayed close to home not moving around much trying to conserve energy until more food comes available. Redfish have bit well even on some not so good weather days. Getting shallow and locating a school willing to feed has been the key. Plenty of redfish are around, but some schools just won't eat, other schools will eat anything you throw at them. Mother nature continues to tease us with a day or two of beautiful weather before unleashing old man winter back on us. All we can do is ride it out and fish the days she gives us. See ya on the water!

January and February

Happy New Year!! These last two months have dished out some cold harsh winter weather. January was mild compared to February that spit out two ice storms. Despite bitter cold temperatures, cloudy days, and howling winds a few good days of weather allowed us to take advantage of our redfish population. Redfish are the main game in town this time of year, but a few small trout and even a surprise flounder managed to bite in these two months. It takes dedication, motivation, persistence and patience to be successful on the water this time of year. It is still fun and the things you see this time of year can be very rewarding. See ya on the water!

December 2013

Most of this month has been a roller coaster ride with rapidly changing conditions. We have had all sorts of weather this month. Extremely warm weather one day to extreme freezing temperatures the very next day. It can be extremely difficult to pattern the fish when the weather pattern is so erratic. It has been pick and choose your days carefully to give yourself the best chance at catching a few fish. I personally only fished a couple of days the first couple of weeks of the month, before traveling to see family and friends over the Christmas holidays. Redfish, trout, and even a few small flounder were cooperative the few times we were out. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! See ya on the water!

November 2013

A few bull reds were still hanging around the Jetties the first week of this month. The speckled trout bite fired off the last week of October and was only really strong for the first couple weeks of November. Speckled trout are usually the prime target for the whole month of November on into December, but the action spread out pretty quickly this year. There were still plenty of trout around, but they were more difficult to find this year. Highlights for this month include a great day of speckled trout fishing with Ross, Cody, and Tony. I managed to muster up a last minute crew for the Cy's World tournament and some how we found ourselves bringing home 2nd place. The redfish bite in the shallow creeks were strong on many days. Redfish and trout will be with us throughout the winter, but conditions will play a huge roll in success. See ya on the water!

October 2013
The redfish bite has been on fire this month! We have not fished for much of anything else this month as we have been targeting the monster reds that have invaded our waters. The black drum, sheepshead, and slot reds have cooperated when we have not targeted the monster reds. It is only mid October as I write this report and the action remains the strongest I have seen it all year. I can only hope that the water continues to cool and bite continues to get hotter. I am not sure how long the big reds will hang around, but the trout bite will pick up once they thin out. Now is the time to plan your trip for November and catch the mess out of the speckled trout. See ya on the water!
September 2013
We have only reached the half way mark in September as I write this report. We have experienced some tough days when conditions have been less than favorable, but have also experienced some great days when the conditions allow it. Already we have seen several redfish just short of the 40 inch mark and are expecting bigger ones to show up any day. Some nice flounder are starting to work their way into the inlets. The speckled trout should follow as the water starts to cool down. Now is the time to book your trip to have a chance to experience the best action our area has to offer.
August 2013
The dog days of summer have arrived. The redfish have been more cooperative than any other species this month. We have caught a few flounder, but most are on the small side. The nearshore reefs fired off this month, but I never made it out there on a calm day. The speckled trout briefly showed up on a few trips, but not on a predictable pattern. Several highlights for this month. We landed a 50 pound stingray on 10 pound tackle. We landed a 50# redfish on 15# tackle. We had plenty of days with great action, but when it went bad, it was bad. The water clarity is still horrible from all the freshwater runoff keeping the fish on the move. We can only hope that September brings cleaner water and cooler temperatures. If so, the bite as expected should be on fire!
July 2013
The action has been pretty steady this month with some great days in the mix. Fishing is not catching as they say and we have fished hard on a few trips to do a little bit of catching. Ironically, the days that we catch a few are the days the quality fish are biting, so it has been worth the hard fishing. This month has produced 4 citation fish for us, 5.6 trout, 5.9 trout, 5.0 trout, and a 5.4 flounder. We have landed several nice reds close to 30 inches and have seen steady action from 3 to 4 pound fish. The conditions are the most challenging I have seen in my 13 years fishing these waters. The freshwater runoff has really kept the water conditions forever changing making it difficult to stay with a pattern. Despite those challenges we have overcome the obstacles of mother nature and continue to put some fish in the boat. August typically leads into big drum season and I am looking forward to catching some 30 to 40 inch fish at the Jetties in the near future. You should keep up with the action on my facebook page and joined us when the action gets hot. See ya on the water!
June 2013
The flounder bite started off on fire and then our first tropical storm Andrea showed up. The rain showers and wind continued for most of the month of June sending the majority of the flounder back out in the ocean. The mullet minnows and shrimp did not show up in good numbers as expected for this time of year. Menhaden pods in the waterway have been the choice for bait. Red drum were the main target as they tolerate condition changes much better than the other species. The red drum did not disappoint on most trips. The shrimp did start to show in the third week of June bringing trout and black drum with them. Extreme freshwater runoff has made this month a challenge to find the bite. Despite the challenging conditions we have still managed to find some feeding fish. It has not been without some hard work and patience. We shall see what mother nature brings to us in July. Below are some highlights from this month's action. See ya on the water!
May 2013
What a crazy month May has been this year. Water temperatures have been all over the charts. Trout, Reds, Black drum, and Flounder did make a showing for most of May. We did not start to really get consistent results until the last week of May and I am still reluctant to say consistent. We landed some nice flounder and a few good redfish. I can't say we nailed down a routine, but with hard work and persistence we found ourselves with tight lines on most days. I look forward to June as more and more flounder have been showing up. The redfish should get into a more predictable summer feeding pattern. Live bait will also get easier to find with menhaden showing up first, then shrimp and finally finger mullet. Hope to see ya in June!
April 2013
The fish are getting very active as expected. Redfish, black drum, and speckled trout all have shown up in good numbers this month. Bluefish and small flounder are starting to filter in from the ocean. We are only in the third week of April as I write this report. The full moon is approaching and the trout are getting aggressive as they are preparing for their first spawn of the season. This is a very exciting time as they will often hit baits very hard with little hesitation. You will catch some small ones, but it is a great time to hang into a big one! A true gator trout! I am looking forward to this last week of April and May should bring on the flounder. Get your ticket to the show now!
803 315 3310 See ya on the water!
March 2013
We are way behind on the water temperatures compared to last years mild weather conditions. March has dished out some really harsh weather patterns so far this year. The wind has blown 25kts+ on many days and the temperatures have been 10 degrees below normal. It almost feels like winter just got here. Despite the wierd weather patteren we did have a few warm days and the water temperature did rise into the upper 50's for a short period of time. The water temperatures are hanging steady right now in the low 50's. I have ran a few trips this month and it seems like they were on the worst days. We have worked hard and managed to find a few fish willing to eat on each trip. I have pulled out several tricks to get the bite so far this March. Artificials will still pick off a few fish; however, live mud minnows, fresh cut shrimp, quartered blue crab, and even clams will increase your chances at getting the bite. Redfish are still the ones producing the best action. Blackdrum are hanging around the Sunset Beach area, but are getting hammered on a daily basis. The trout seem to be scattered all over with one being caught here and there. I look for April to get us back on track to Spring weather and get all species of fish back to feeding. Red drum are always with us, but mid April should start to produce more trout and flounder will show towards the end of the month. 
February 2013
The redfish bite has been pretty steady with certain schools of fish, but other schools are lock jaw. It still puzzles me why one group of fish a few hundred yards away will bite like crazy and another group will not bite at all. Most of our redfish have been in extremely shallow water soaking up as much warmth from the sunshine as possible. The canals both at Holden and Ocean Isle Beach did produce some bites from trout and reds on occassion. Soft plastic grubs by Bass Assassin paired with light jigheads was the bait of choice.
January 2013
Happy New Year!!! I recieved a GoPro Hero 3 video camera for Christmas. I have gotten out on the water a few times with family and friends getting some great action. It is looking like it is going to be another great year on the water! I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new folks! Below are a few videos from this  month! See ya on the water!
December 2012
The end of another great year of fishing. We finished the year with some great trout action with a few redfish in the mix. Now is the time to relax and spend time with the family. Thank you to all those that fished with me this year. I hope to see you again in this coming year. Merry Christmas! See ya on the water!
November 2012
Don't miss it! Speck-tacular action! This is the month that I mainly target speckled trout by using artificials only. Not to say that we will not catch a few flounder and redfish in the mix. I had my first trip for November yesterday and we hammered the trout. It may not always happen this way, but this is my expectation. We caught close to 40 trout yesterday with 6 reds and two flounder in the mix. We were using very light tackle and enjoyed every headshake! Come on out and join us! See ya on the water!
October 2012
Just absolutely awesome. If you fish and missed it this year, shame on you. The redfish bite was on fire this month. My clients enjoyed catching redfish of all sizes. Their were some giants at the Little River Jetties and some really nice slot fish in the creeks. Black drum were also on fire towards the end of the month. Speckled trout started to make a showing and November is surely going to be Speck-tacular! First, some of our highlights form this month. Cary caught his biggest redfish every landing a 45 inch brute at the jetties. Shane and Heather enjoyed a great day on the water catching redfish and black drum. What a great way for a husband and wife to spend a day! Corrine lands her biggest redfish every at the jetties, a 43 inch brute! We also had plenty of days of catching several black drum with a few nice reds in the mix. Here comes November!
See ya on the water!
September 2012
This month marks the beginning of a great finale of our fishing each year. Summertime crowds start their migration back to work and back to school leaving the water peaceful for serious fisherman. The mullet minnows and shrimp start to make their migration back to the ocean and head South for the winter. The redfish, flounder, and black drum are in all out assault mode feeding on all the shrimp and mullet as they start to leave our creeks. The fishermen are right there in the mix hooking up! One of our greatest highlights of this month's fishing was of my son, Jake, catching a 43" redfish. Some of my clients, Scott and Allan, hammering the flounder. Several more clients got on a super hot redfish bite with some nice black drum in the mix. Looking forward to October! See ya on the water!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIesvKNbo0Y&list=UUkSpU7T2RycHDa2Idh1iSzA&index=2&feature=plcp
August 2012
The redfish bite continues to be very productive. Large schools of good size mullet have finally found their way into our waters. The redfish, flounder and speckled trout have followed them. This month's theme has been family fun! I love kids as I have two small children of my own. The action has been very steady keeping kids very interested in the fishing process. It has been a great priviledge to have guided so many families this year! We have had some awesome moments on the water together watching sons and daughters tangle with some incredible fish. I am very passionate about sharing the fishing experience with all ages and try my very best to make sure we have opportunities to catch fish. I stay very involved with the fishing process making sure lines are straight, hooks are baited, and baits are in the right location. I am a professional guide and my job is to make sure I taylor the trip to your individual needs by listening to you! Don't make the mistake of going with a guide twice that throws a pole in your hand and says, cast over there...after an hour of no bites and no more direction, drives from one location to another blaming you for not having fishing skills(is that not why you hired a professional guide?)...my job as a professinal guide is to instruct, educate, and help you be successful in hooking and landing fish. I am very proud to say that I use many techniques on each fishing trip to be successful. I do not leave you out there on your own trying to catch a fish. That is what you hired me to do! So come on down and fish with a professional that cares about you and providing a great experiecne on the water!    
Again, I would like to thank all of the families that have fished with me so far this year and so far this month. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of your family and sharing some great fishing memories with you. I look forward to fishing with you next year and hope to add a few more families into the J&J Inshore Charters Family. THANK YOU! See ya on the water!
July 2012
Just a little late on this update...July is the busiest month of the season...I have had a very hard time selecting a few pictures to highlight this months action. The red drum bite has been off the charts. We have found many of the redfish to be over the slot this month. That is a North Carolina slot of 18 to 27 inches, not a little South Carolina slot of 14 to 23 inches. There is nothing like tangling with one of these brutes. The best catch of the month goes to John with a 42 inch redfish caught at the Jetties. The flounder have been around, but the redfish bite has been the primary target. When targeting the flounder the bite has been fair. Most landings have been under the 15 inch mark, but we have managed quite a few keepers too. Brad gets the best flounder of the month weighing in at 5.1 pounds. When the ocean is calm getting out on the nearshore reefs will produce the best flounder action. Live mullet on a carolina rig or pogies will produce most of the bites from the reds and flounder. Speckled trout and Black drum have also made a showing this month. Little River Jetties and the Calabash River were the hotspots floating live shrimp under a float for the speckled trout. Black drum will take a cork down at times, but shrimp on carolina rig produced the best action from them.
Thanks to all that fished with me this month! I truly appreciate your business!
June 2012
We have fished hard this June finding fish all over the place. It has been tough on some days and very easy on others. Red drum have been caught all up and down the ICW. Little River jetties, Sunset Beach Bridge, and the Shallotte Inlet were some of the hot spots. The speckled trout mysteriously showed up about mid June biting in several creeks. Bonaparte creek and docks along the waterway have been the hot spots. Flounder have been a bit stubborn to bite a hook inside, but on calm days the nearshore structure has produced. Tubbs inlet continues to be the best starting point to find a flounder on the inside. The Jolly Mon reef and the Jim Caudle reef is the best places to find a nice flounder on the outside. Load your livewell full of shrimp, mullet, and menhaden, fish them on a carolina rig for best results. Good luck! See ya on the water!
May 2012
The fishing was right down the middle for the month of May. Some flounder, red drum, and black drum were caught this month. Some of the highlights were Chase Ray with a 5 pound flounder, Ethan with a monster bluefish, and several groups landing nice red drum! Last years mullet minnows are hard to find but are perfect bait when you can find them. Tiger minnows are also available at low tide on sand bar points and the suds in the surf. Millions upon millions of small mullet are in our creeks and should be of size in just a few weeks making for a very interesting June. Live shrimp are also getting more abundant and cast netting them in feeders creeks has become easier in the last week. I am looking forward to June and the fishing will be great if Mother Nature will cooperate with us. See ya on the water!
April 2012
Just as expected...the action has really heated up. Live mullet minnows and tiger minnows are everywhere. The flounder are hammering any live bait rigged on a carolina rig and artificials in various colors. Clients have been experiecning double digit catches of flounder, a few trout, and the ocassional redfish. Some of the highlights this month was John Waldbillig with a 10lb+ bluefish. Myself landing a nice 5.9lb flounder and a 26" 6.6lb redfish on Bass Assassin's 4" Sea shad in the sand trout color. Alan and Dorrie celebrating there 12th wedding anniversary with us, both landing red drum, flounder, and gray trout. Several other groups have enjoyed success this month with me. The month of May should be awesome! Don't miss out! Check out this video! 
March 2012
The water has come alive in March. Small fry is hatching out everywhere and it looks like it is going to be an early start to the year. The red drum have been difficult, but the trout and flounder have been very active. My son Jake and I got out on a few occassions and hammered the trout. My clients have enjoyed catching trout, flounder, and the ocassional red drum. I expect things to get more consistent as our water continues to warm.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXtCFCQkIMk&list=UUkSpU7T2RycHDa2Idh1iSzA&index=7&feature=plcp

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


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